“Victoria Hart understands the technique of singing and is a true communicator. Her teaching results in a centered, full, and natural way of singing. She has a thorough knowledge of physiognomy, uses precise images, and is witty, supportive and inspiring – a real find!”
Brent McMunn
Conductor, Music Director of Opera, Thornton School of Music, University of Southern California; Conductor, New York City Opera, Arizona Opera, Calgary Opera

“When I’m asked to recommend a voice teacher Victoria Hart is certainly one of the names that immediately comes to mind. Her intuitive and pedagogical grasp of the voice is unsurpassed. Victoria has the ability to engage a student in a variety of ways, from the purely subjective use of metaphor to the most pedagogically precise description of the vocal mechanism. Ms. Hart brings this formidable array of talents and techniques to the studio – to the benefit of her students. I recommend her with pleasure and without question.”
Hector Vasquez
Internationally renowned baritone (Metropolitan Opera, Festival en Plein Air, San Francisco Symphony, etc.), Affiliate Artist, University of Houston

“Being referred to Victoria Hart by another teacher quite simply changed
my life. She saw promise, she saw desire…and she saw that there was a
lot of work to do. So she rolled up her sleeves, and inspired me to
roll up mine, and through her expertise, patience and genuine caring,
coupled with some well-timed kicks in the pants, has transformed my
voice from the raw material she started with into a genuine musical
instrument. My journey with her is not complete; I suspect it never
quite will be. And that’s fine, because a better guide could not be
found. If you want to truly understand your instrument, if you want to
fully explore its possibilities, if you want to genuinely know its art,
you need look no further than Victoria Hart.”
William Carmichael, bass baritone

“The pleasure of working with Vicky is that she not only possesses the sensitivity and understanding in guiding you, but also has such an intimate knowledge of the physiology of the singing mechanism. She makes it easy to understand and conveyed with such joy and passion.”
Mathew Edwardsen, Tenor

“Victoria Hart is a spiritual force, she brings out what is in you and helps you free your own voice. A master teacher with great insight, courageous, funny and intense, I love working with her.”
Andreas Beckett, Tenor

“Studying with Vicky has been a transforming experience for me. There are no mysteries about the technique she teaches, and I feel that I now have a practical knowledge of my voice that I never had before. Vicky incorporates technique, interpretation, and artistry all together — one depends on the other. Not only have I received compliments on the improvement of my voice since studying with her, but I’ve also been told how I really sound more like me! As a result of studying with Vicky, I also have had many more professional engagements.”
Sara Campbell,Mezzo Soprano
Los Angeles Opera Chorus

“Vicky’s ability to diagnose and correct deficiencies in vocal production is uncanny. She understands that singing is both an intellectual and emotional process that requires patience as well as individual and precise adjustments. Vicky is one of the most amazing voice teachers I have had the pleasure of working with. After 10 years of working with several teachers from all over the US and abroad; Vicky single handedly saved me from complete vocal destruction. If not for her I would have quit singing years ago.”
Jason Matthew Thomas, Tenor

“These past two years working with Vicky have been incredible. Her kindness, patience, understanding and amazing skill and talent are immeasurable. She is one of the main reasons that I have begun to believe in myself, and her believing in me is what brought me to this next big life step,”
Katie Trimble, Mezzo Soprano

“What can I say about someone who revitalized my dream and gave me hope and strength to continue to pursue my craft? This year of studying with Vicky has been an incredible journey. The improvements that I made in such a short time are amazing and I owe it all to her. I will never forget about how in only one year, Vicky became more of a mentor and teacher to me than anyone in the past four years. Thank you for all the wonderful work you’ve done for me both mentally and vocally.”
Angky Budiardjono, Baritone