For The Professional Singer

For The Professional

You have already had a good measure of success, which is why you have reached this level. But you want to move to the next level, and you need the right information and the right strategies to do so. Victoria Hart’s Integrative Singing Studio will help you move through limiting vocal, interpretive, and career strategies, and set you on a clear path for success.

Do you see yourself here?

You have some technical issues that are limiting your career momentum (ex. high notes constricted, not enough volume, intonation problems, registration issues, diction not clear, coloratura not clean, etc.), and your current approach is not fixing the problems.

You are in the process of changing fach or voice type, and have encountered technical difficulties that are holding you back.

You feel that you can’t fully rely on your technique in performance, or that you do your best work in the studio and not on stage.

Your “technique” and “interpretation” work against each other, when in reality they SHOULD and DO work together for the most powerful result!

You need a technical “tune up” between engagements to stay on top of your game.

You need to strengthen, review, and/or renew technical foundations to meet the increasing demands of your growing career.

You want to preserve the youthful color, range, and agility of your voice for the entire length of your singing career.