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…is integrative singing?

Integrative Singing is based on the aesthetic values and techniques of the Bel Canto era of singing (18th and 19th centuries). It combines those methods and practices with those of many other disciplines, such as anatomy, alignment, physiology, brain science, yoga, psychology, interpretation, acting, musicianship, and more, to help singers achieve their technical, artistic and personal goals. Integrative Singing provides the foundation for a lifetime of healthy, beautiful, and expressive singing in all genres, including classical, musical theater and pop. Learn more by visiting our About page.


…is it important?

Although humans as a species have not changed much in the past 200 years, our lifestyles have! Every aspect of how we live — how we work, how we play, technology, cars, concepts of physical beauty — all greatly influence how we think and process information, and more importantly, how we exist in our bodies. Those factors in turn impact how we sing and how we learn. So while one can understand and desire the vocal freedom and virtuousity that singers of the past have demonstrated, today we have to approach the learning process in a different way. For example, in the past many singers had three to five lessons per week! They never had an opportunity to learn a bad habit because their teachers in essence guided their daily practice. We do not have such a luxury in our world today, so each lesson must not only guide the student for that hour, but also equip the student with the concepts and information so that s/he can continue his or her progress during the time between lessons.


…is Victoria Hart?

Victoria Hart holds a Doctorate in Vocal Performance from the University of California, Santa Barbara.  She has performed as an opera, oratorio and concert soloist throughout the United States and in Europe.  Dr. Hart’s students include professional opera singers, musical theater singers and pop singers.  Dr. Hart brings close to 20 years of teaching experience both to her private students and to her students at the Colburn School of Performing Arts, where she also teaches Private Voice, Solo Singing for Teens, Musical Theater Class and Theory.  If you would like to know about Dr. Hart’s own journey as a singer, please check out her Personal Bio page.